AI影像 | 与蝶的邂逅

氛围摄影,常用提示词:A hazy atmosphere,hazy::1.5 ,PhotorealisticA hazy atmosphere,hazy::1.5 ,Photorealistic,Fujifilm,rinko kawauchi style 4、Colorful Butterfly flyes over a Circular Dandelion,conceptual minimalism, Light blue and pink, cross processing, Fujifilm , A hazy atmosphere,hazy::1.5 ,Photorealistic,Minimalist color scheme with large aperture,rinko kawauchi style 1、a girl in a pink dress with butterflies in her black hair, in the style of shige's visual aesthetic style, light sky-blue and light white, high speed film, gongbi, photo taken with provia, poetic elegance, hazy::2 ,polished metamorphosis

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